Client: GMA 7
Format: Telenovela
Episodes: Ep.26-97 (week 7- 20)
Director: Dondon Santos
Post: Riot Inc.
Developed by: Suzette Doctolero
Starring: Ramon “Bong” Revilla, Jr.

Indio is a  fantasy-drama series from the Philippines created and developed by Suzette Doctolero. While largely set in the backdrop of Spanish colonization(more specifically, the initial decades following Ferdinand Magellan’s expedition), the story itself starts off in pre-Hispanic times. Ynaguiguinid, the diwata goddess of war, who have fallen in love and had chosen to marry a warrior tribesman lives with their newborn child, who’s later called Malaya. Things come to an abrupt end howeverwhen the Conquistadores arrive. Realizing that all would soon be lost, she sacrifices her life to ensure Malaya’s survival, helped in part by the now orphaned baby being adopted by a local Tagalog couple. For a time, and with the help of another goddess named Magayon, Malaya begins to learn his heritage and destiny..only have his adoptive parents taken away and end up under the care of an ambitious encomendero named Juancho Sanreal.